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A strong knowledge of construction, an ability to assemble the comprehensive documents required for projects to run smoothly and exceptional problem-solving skills both at the drawing board and in the field are a few of the hallmarks of excellence that clients have come to rely on from Steven Noonan.

Steven is considered the “go to” person at AXIOM Architects, Inc. when construction issues arise and with good reason. Prior to perusing a career in architecture, he worked in the construction field for a number of years. In fact, Steven cut his construction teeth as a teen-ager, working with his father building high-end residential dwellings.

“It was then that I realized I wanted to know more about the process of creating the architecture I was surrounded by – particularly residential architecture because of its personal nature.”

That realization led to Steven’s Bachelor of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

As Project Manager at AXIOM Architects, Inc. Steven is responsible for a wide range of projects, from expansive single-family homes to office buildings to residential communities. This diversified portfolio of projects allows Steven to achieve his aspiration to create “forms that not only represent the union of spaces, but also the personality of the client.”