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This project in tells the removal of an older existing porch and the addition of a new porch, seating enclosure, stair and entry. The new porch and entry express an aspiration to connect the home to the site along the front, public façade. Through a series of carefully layered spaces arranged to compliment the protruding native bedrock surrounding the home, the transitions from drive to entry capture a variety of landscaped views. The design of the unique railing allows for unobstructed interior views while maintaining a degree of privacy from the street. From the enclosed, year-round gazebo perched on the ledge, one can enjoy expansive views of the ocean.

Further developments and additions to the residence include the remodeling of the old living room with a new, fully functioning bar and game table within the now luxurious mahogany paneled space; the addition of a new outdoor kitchen and dining area; deck expansions; and the introduction of a new spa deck and patio featuring numerous, comfortable areas where the company of family and guests can be enjoyed.