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Jamie is the most recent addition to the team at Axiom Architects. His responsibilities encompass architectural design, the management of construction documents, and construction administration. He brings specific experience in construction administration and management to this role.

Most recently, Jamie worked as a project architect for Dietz & Company Architects in Springfield. In this capacity, he managed the design and construction administration of projects such as large-scale housing, senior centers, and educational facilities, including a satellite school for the University of Massachusetts in Springfield. Previously he worked on the Arcosanti project in Arizona with Paolo Soleri and Associates, as well as in construction management and carpentry, focusing specifically on cabinet making and finish construction.

Jamie received his bachelor of architecture at Cornell University, and a master of architecture in urban design from the University of Arizona. He earned his license as an architect in the State of Massachusetts in the spring of 2016.

“We welcome Jamie to our architectural team,” said James M. Kelliher, AIA, NCARB, principal and owner of Axiom Architects. “His valuable and practical experience in construction provides him with a different perspective on Axiom projects, and an enhanced ability to communicate with clients and construction management firms resulting in more quality outcomes for everyone involved. We are excited to have him join Axiom Architects.”